Plank of Weights


Lightbulb Moment offers personal training at your home or workplace. Sessions can be designed for whatever amount of space you have. You can choose to use your own equipment or ours.

Programmes for whatever your goal is: muscle building, body composition, toning, flexibility, stamina, agility, core work.


Tailored to You

Individual programme created just for you, your needs, goals; to bring out your strengths and address the weaknesses.

I look at your eating and sleeping patterns and can advise accordingly so that your physical training can be supported by all areas of your life - you can't run on empty! 

Complementary (and complimentary!) programme for when you train on your own.


Wellbeing at Your Workplace

Personal training for employees and directors at your site and at a suitable time fitting in with your work day.

Lunchtime and after work classes from HIIT through core to flexibility helping your staff de-stress, reenergise and stay in good health.

Happy staff make a happy workplace!


Friend/ Partner/ Family

2-2-1 training sessions for couples wanting to stay fit together or start a new healthier chapter in life.

Handy setup for friends who want to motivate each other or need extra buddy accountability when it's hard to swap a lie in for a workout.  

Keeping families of all generations close together and fit - parents, children (over 16's), siblings.



Gym Manager at a corporate gym where on top of organising the smooth running of the gym and the studio I also deliver personal training sessions to the employees and run classes such as Strength and Conditioning, Bodyweight Training, Flexibility and Stability and Pilates.

Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Mat Pilates

Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral

Active IQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

Active IQ Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instruction

First Aid in Work Certificate (inc. Sports and Child)

Certified to deliver:  Circuits, TRX, Kettlebells, Advanced Training Systems



Lightbulb Moment Personal Training

What does Lightbulb Moment have to do with personal training? In my experience a lot! I heard that phrase many times from the clients who came to me. Everyone has a different story but the experience of sudden clarity when searching for improvement in life (fitness wise or in general) is universal. There might be already health issues at play, discomfort in your own body or realisation that you want to be a person who lives a full life and needs the stamina for it. Suddenly it hits you what the next step should be. 

I personally had a lot of those moments from the time when I started suffering from metabolic syndrome symptoms, eczema, hair loss and various allergies. I knew I had to find the answers by myself but wasn't sure where to look. After researching my problems for a while it dawned on me how connected they are and what to do to tackle them. 

How does the above translate into my way of training clients?  The experience of PCOS and metabolic syndrome weight gain and loss, have made me sensitive to hormonal issues that both women and men face on their way to a healthier physique and lifestyle. I am able to recognise that weight loss or muscle building don’t comedown to eat less/ train more school of thought. You can benefit from the knowledge I gained during my struggles with wellbeing and fitness so that your path to health is not as long and winded.  

Specifically in terms of physical workout, whether you like to work on your pecs or on toning your abs, I like to incorporate flexibility and mobility training into the sessions. That assures that you can reach a full range of motion during the strength exercises and improves your core and joints stability so they keep you supported at work and at leisure. 



Get in contact for a free of charge consultation and to find out training charges. You can choose from pay as you go sessions, packages and gift vouchers.

If you're not sure your area is included, do get in touch to check.



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